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Mechkar Albin Biblom


Albin Biblom b.1975 in Sweden. Educated at International Center of Photography,

New York, USA and at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Exploring the ethics of collecting and presenting nature within the world of zoological gardens and natural history museums, this publication is a complement to the documentary film Curiosity and Control, including a link to the film, photographs and interviews with zoo directors David Hancocks and Michel Saint-Jalme, architects Sue Chin and Kieran Stanley, museologist Peter van Mensch and philosopher Dale W Jamieson. With an afterword by author Helena Granström. 


Biblom Press 2022, 52 pages,

287 x 400 mm, 1500 copies. Order here

Curisoity and Control publication

Edited by Ute Eskildsen and Museum Folkwang this book features works by Albin Biblom,

Jaques-Henri Lartigue, Lisette Model, Lewis Caroll, Irving Penn, August Sander and others.

Steidl 2005. Out of Print


Twelve hand printed silver gelatin

photographs from the documentation

about Bulgaria´s last dancing bears

and their owners. Edition: 500 copies.

Size 7,5x10cm. Out of Print


Mechkar, booklet made to an exhibition in Natuurmuseum Groningen. Size: 17x24cm, 32 pages. Dutch. Distribution: Aurora Borealis 2003. Out of Print


The Journals of Jacob Mandeville by Albin Biblom, with a foreword by Kees van der Meijden.

Hardcover, duotone. Size 17x22cm, 96 pages. Dutch / English. Distribution: Aurora Borealis 2001. Out of Print

Texts etc.

2024:  Review in Konsten by Anders Olofsson READ

2022:  "Mechkar" and "Curiosity and Control" in Västerbottens-Kuriren READ

2019:  Review in Helsingborgs Dagblad by Thomas H Johnsson READ

2019:  "Curiosity and Control", exhibition text by Kristoffer Leandoer. READ

2019:  "Det villes teater", Curiosity and Control in Morgenbladet, by Bernhard Ellefsen. READ

2019:  "Ett samtal med Albin Biblom", text by Linda Bergman in VERK. READ

2018:  "Bibloms brottning med björnar", text by Björn Larsson in Konsten. READ

2012:  Interview in Monthly Photo Art Magazine, by Sookyoung Huh, in Korean. READ

2011:  Documentary on Swedish Radio with Albin Biblom, Gabriella Håkansson

and Joakim Pirinen. By Katarina Wikars and Jenny Teleman. LISTEN

2011: "Flygfotografier av möjliga portar till Paradiset", ur Jacob Mandevilles arkiv,

Journal II. Exhibition text by Jonas Ellerström. (in Swedish) READ

2009:  "The Journals of Jacob Mandeville", Volkskrant, in Dutch.

2008:  Interview by Wang Lang, in Art World, in Chinese READ

2008. "Mandeville", Art World, by Wang Lang, in Chinese. READ

2007: "Mechkar", Photonews-Zeitung Für Fotografie, in German. READ

2005: "The Mandeville Case-some psychological aspects", by Gabriella Håkansson READ

2004: "Bardot, Biblom och Björnarna", by Anna-Stina Lindén Ivarsson, in Swedish, READ.

2004: "Brigitte Bardot and The Dancing Bears", by Albin Biblom and Jörn Spolander READ

2003: "Bulgariens sista dansande björnar", text by Kristoffer Leandoer, BLM, Nr 1.


2024:  Centrum för fotografi, Stockholm.

2022:  Västerbottens Museum, Umeå, Sweden.

2021:  Abecita Popkonst & Foto, Borås, Sweden.

2020:  Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden.

2019: "Curiosity and Control", Galleri Axel, Stockholm, Sweden.

2011: Selected work from "The Journals of Jacob Mandeville"  Galleri Hundörat

& Stockholms Fotoantikvariat, Stockholm, Sweden.

2008: "Mechkar", Tampere Photo Festival, Finland.
2007: "Mechkar", Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig, Germany. 
2007: "Mechkar", Da Capo, Arbetets Museum, Norrköping, Sweden. 
2006: "Animalworld", Borås Konstmuseum, Sweden.
2005-2006: "nützlich-süß-museal, das fotografierte Tier", Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany. 
2005: "Mechkar", Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping, Sweden. 

2005: "The Journals of Jacob Mandeville", Felleshus, Swedish Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

2004: »New Swedish Photography«, Hasselblad Center, Gothenborg, Sweden. 
2004: "Mechkar", Södertälje Konsthall, Sweden. 
2003: "Mechkar" Natuurmuseum Groningen, The Netherlands. 

2001: "The Journals of Jacob Mandeville", Natuurmuseum, Groningen, The Netherlands.

1998: "Storytelling", Amsterdam Centrum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
1996: "Natural History", Ystads Konstmuseum, Ystad, Sweden. 
1994: "New York by Night", NoHo Gallery, New York, USA.

Commissioned Art

2018: "Rivers, Dreamers",  commissioned by Stockholm Council´s Culture Administration,

New Karolinska Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. LINK

2005: "Dancers", photocollages of dancing couples for a home for the elderly, Järna, Stockholm, Sweden. Commissioned by Södertälje Kommun.


2023: "The Conquest of Space", short documentary by Albin Biblom, produced by

Adam Marko-Nord & Sara Waldestam/Alphaville 2.0. LINK

2018: "Curiosity and Control"",  documentary by Albin Biblom, produced by Adam Marko-Nord /Alphaville. 58min, language, English/French. LINK

2017: "Hur hamnade jag här?", nine short films made for National Swedish Television.

2017: "En Österrikisk Gris", short film made for National Swedish Television.

2005: "Mechkar", documentary by Albin Biblom, produced by Story. 28min, language: Bulgarian.

Shown in MoMA Documentary Fortnight, New York, Flahertiana Film Festival, Perm, Sofia Film Festival, Bulgaria. LINK



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