Music video by Albin Biblom in collaboration with Katharina Nuttall for her new album The Garden.

Grade: Nils Fridén. Label: Novoton. Release Nov 2020.


Curiosity and Control 

Documentary by Albin BIblom about Museums of Natural History and Zoological gardens. Wonder, exploitation and a wish to preserve nature -the film examines our complex relationship to nature itself. Produced by Alphaville 2018. 58mins. LINK

En Österrikisk Gris (An Austrian Pig)

Documentary by Albin Biblom about two hunters who meet in a shooting cinema, recollecting hunting memories and reflecting over the art of hunting. 11mins. Produced by Swedish Television. 2017. 

How did I end up here? ​

The inner thoughts of a private detective, a dog groomer, a taxi driver, a censor, a psychologist,

a doctor, an actor and a dry cleaner while working.

Directed and filmed by Albin Biblom 2017.

Love Ship

Short film about love and karaoke, filmed on a ship between Sweden and Finland. Directed and filmed by Albin Biblom while working in-house at National Swedish Television, 2017. 


This documentary follows Stefan during his last month as a »mechkar«. His thoughts about Brigitte Bardot, democracy in Bulgaria and his life with his bear is carried through in the narration. Directed and filmed

by Albin Biblom, produced by Story AB, 2005. LINK


The Writer-with Joyce Carol Oates 

Documentary by Stig Björkman about one of the

world’s greatest living writers; Joyce Carol Oates.

Filmed by Albin Biblom, Produced by Stina Gardell,

Mantaray Film. In Production. LINK

För att frihet kostar ​

Documentary by Elin Jönsson about Lusine Djanyan

and Aleksej Knedljakovskij, members of Pussy Riot, following their lifes while seeking asylum in Sweden. Filmed by Albin Biblom. Produced by K special/

Swedish Television. 2019. 58mins.  


Documentary by Åsa Sandzén about comic artists,

and comics as art. Filmed by Albin Biblom, additional camera Jonas Rudström, Majaq Julén, edited by Nils Nouchi. Produced by Sisyfos Film 2018.


​Documentary by Richard Dinter about two brothers on

a roadtrip to Croatia. Camera Albin Biblom, produced by Alphaville AB. 67min, 2017. WATCH

Still Born ​

Short film by Åsa Sandzén combining animations

and filmed footage. Produced by Medusa Productions. Animated documentary, 10min. Swedish Guldbagge award for best short 2015. WATCH

Natten/The Night ​

Documentary about a poem by Willy Granquist, directed by Richard Dinter. Filmed by Albin Biblom, edited by Eva Hillström with music by Cicely Irvine.

Zvonko Produktion, 2016. WATCH

Love During Wartime​ ​

Documentary by Gabriella Bier, shot in Palestine, Israel, Austria and Germany. Camera Albin Biblom, produced by Story AB, 92min, 2012. LINK

Belleville Baby

Documentary directed and filmed by Mia Engberg. Additional camera Ewa Cederstam, Albin Biblom

​​​​and Åsa Sandzén. Produced by Story AB, 2013. LINK

Babels Torn på Bobi Bar

Documentary by Gabriella Bier, filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark. Camera Albin Biblom, produced by Story AB. 29min, 2013. ​


Resenärerna is based on a play by Magnus Dahlerus

and Chatarina Oldermark. Directed by Magnus

Dahlerus and filmed by Albin Biblom. Produced by

Lotte Sederholm/FUB Uppsala, 30min, 2013. LINK

At Night I Fly​​

Documentary by Michel Wenzer, filmed in New Folsom Prison, CA, USA. Camera Albin Biblom and Eric Börjesson. Produced by Story AB, 92min. Swedish Guldbagge Award for best documentary 2012.


Three Poems by Spoon Jackson​

​​​Short films directed by Michel Wenzer, filmed in CA, USA. Camera Albin Biblom, S-8mm, 14min, 2003.


Ögonblick att minnas​

Films made by Mobila Dok to evoke memories and talks for people with dementia, produced by Mobila

Dok 2019. LINK


Art programs for National Swedish Television, camera Jonas Rudström, Malin Korkesalo, Albin Biblom, 2019.

The Jewish Theatre​

Trailers​​​ and documentations for The Jewish Theatre

in Stockholm 2013-2015, directed by Pia Forsgren.


© Albin Biblom